Jaipur National University


Established on October 22, 2007, by an ordinance of the Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur National University stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence. Recognized by the UGC and accredited with an 'A+' grade by NAAC, it fosters an atmosphere of academic freedom and creative exploration.

Nurtured under the sponsorship of Mahima Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur National University, Jaipur, proudly ranks among the premier self-financed private universities in Rajasthan.

In recognition of its outstanding contributions, Jaipur National University was honored with the esteemed "Pride of the Nation" title in the III edition of India's Greatest Leaders 2017-18. Its achievements stood alongside eminent figures such as Honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, Honourable Ex.Union Finance Minister Sh. Arun Jaitley, distinguished industrialists Sh. Adi Godrej and Sh. Dilip Sanghvi, and philanthropist Smt. Nita Ambani.

With over 25,000 students, 450+ faculty members, and 17 schools offering a diverse array of programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil, PhD, diploma, and PG diploma courses, Jaipur National University is a hub of educational diversity. Its offerings span fields such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Life and Basic Sciences, Agriculture, Business Management, Education, Law, Mass Media, Hotel Management, Computer & Systems Sciences, English Language and Literature, Social Work, Nursing, Medical & Paramedical programs.

Featuring a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus with over 1500 PCs, 158 laboratories, auditoriums, and libraries spread across its four campuses, Jaipur National University ensures unparalleled academic support for its students.

Moreover, all courses offered by the university are accredited by reputable bodies such as NAAC, UGC, NCTE, BCI, INC, PCI, MCI, and ICAR, ensuring high standards of education and credibility.



Yearly Fees



4 Years

Rs 1,27,523 - Rs 1,53,725

Class 12 with 50% + JEE Main/JEST


3 Years

Rs 87,954 - Rs 1,06,535

Class 12 with 48%


3 Years

Rs 79,555

Class 12 with 55%


3 Years

Rs 49,560 - Rs 61,005

Class 12 with 55%


3 Years

Rs 56,858

Graduation with 45% + CLAT UG


4 Years

Rs 1,04,539

Class 12 with 45%


2 Years

Rs 55,800

Graduation with 50% + Rajasthan PTET


3-4 Years

Rs 36,698 - Rs 1,41,900

Class 12 with 50%


3 Years

Rs 21,893 - Rs 60,000

Class 12 with 50%


4 Years

Rs 1,25,050

Class 12 pass from a recognised college


3 Years

Rs 57,435

Class 12 pass from a recognised college

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

2 Years

Rs 73,000

Class 12 pass from a recognised college


4 Years

Rs 91,112

Class 12 with 50% + JEST


4 Years

Rs 91,112

Class 12 with 50% + JEST


2 Years

Rs 90,000 - Rs 1,00,000

B.Tech with 55% + GATE


2 Years

Rs 1,00,958 - Rs 1,21,660

Graduation with 50% + JEST


1 Year

Rs 84,645

LLB with 50% + CLAT PG


2 Years

Rs 1,33,376 - Rs 1,10,103

B.Pharm with 50% + GPAT 


2 Years

Rs 70,000

B.Ed with 55% + Rajasthan PMET


2 Years

Rs 35,400 - Rs 1,00,643

Graduation with 50%


2 Years

Rs 99,344

BPT with 50% + JEST


2 Years

Rs 38,483

BA pass from a recognised board

B.Sc B.Ed

4 Years

Rs 31,200

Class 12 with 50% + Rajasthan PTET


4 Years

Rs 24,300

Class 12 with 50% + Rajasthan PTET


5 Years

Rs 1,30,358

Class 12 with 50% + CLAT UG


5 Years

Rs 1,30,358

Class 12 with 50% + CLAT UG


1 Year

Rs 58,223

Graduation with 48%


2 Years

Rs 73,349

Class 12 with 45%


1 Year

Rs 16,590 - Rs 50,242

Class 12 pass from a recognised college


3-6 Years

Rs 1,33,376

B.Pharm with 45%


Minimum 3 Years

Rs 1,15,500 - Rs 1,31,000

Post Graduation with 55% + PhD Entrance Test/UGC NET/CSIR NET/GATE

Jaipur National University offers diverse pathways for admission, encompassing both merit-based selection and the Joint Entrance cum Scholarship Test (JNUJEST).The admission process for 2024 unfolds through a series of distinctive steps:

 Step 1: Online Registration

Begin the admission process by completing Jaipur National University's Online Registration.

Submit your entrance exam scores for the relevant tests undertaken during registration.

 Step 2: Application Form Submission

Proceed to fill out the Jaipur National University Application Form for the year 2024 : https://apply.jnujaipur.ac.in/?utm_source=Agency&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Clickbuzz&utm_id=Clickbuzz

 Step 3: Admission Counseling

Engage in Jaipur National University Admission Counseling for 2024.

Undergo a thorough evaluation of your performance in entrance exams and academic achievements during the selection process.

Step 4: Document Verification and Fee Payment

If selected based on course eligibility and performance in selection rounds, verify your documents.

Remit the prescribed admission fee for your chosen course.

Upon completion, receive notification regarding the commencement date for classes.

The Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) at Jaipur National University, Jaipur oversees all placement-related endeavors. According to the most recent placement report from Jaipur National University, over 250 companies recruited students from the institution. The highest package offered at Jaipur National University was Rs. 27 LPA, while the average package stood at Rs. 5.5 LPA.

Placement Process

1.     Profiles of Jaipur National University students are meticulously crafted and uploaded onto the university portal by the placement cell.


2.     Students are thoroughly briefed on the roles and responsibilities they are poised to undertake.


3.     The placement cell orchestrates a diverse array of seminars, workshops, and industrial visits to acquaint students with prevailing industry trends.


4.     With students selecting roles of their preference, the placement cell orchestrates tailored training programs to suit their needs.


5.     Various companies across sectors are cordially invited by the placement cell to conduct recruitment drives on campus.


6.     Emphasis is laid on encouraging students to engage in industry-specific projects and enhance their skill sets.


7.     Individualized training sessions are provided to students to hone their chosen skill sets.


8.     A concerted effort is made to empower students to secure optimal placements, fostering a culture of achievement and success.

List of Companies

·       Amazon

·       Ashok Leyland

·       Bank of America

·       Bosch

·       Byju’s

·       Capgemini

·       Concentrix

·       Continuum

·       D. E. Shaw & Co

·       Dell

·       Decathlon

·       Deloitte

·       Dr Reddy's Laboratories

·       EY

·       GRG Health

·       Ge Precision Healthcare LLC

·       HDFC Bank

·       Hitachi

·       Hike Education

·       HP

·       Hyatt Regency

·       IBM

·       Indian Army

·       Indian Navy

·       Infosys

·       Infostretch

·       Intel

·       ITC Hotels

·       LG

·       LG Electronics

·       Linkruit

·       Medtronic

·       Morgan Stanley

·       NIIT Technologies

·       PayPal

·       Pfizer

·       Rebel Foods

·       SAP

·       Tata Consultancy Services

·       Tata Motors

·       Tech Mahindra

·       Texas Instruments

·       The Oberoi Group

·        Wipro

And many more


JNU stands at the forefront of higher education in India, distinguished by its comprehensive offering of 196 specialized learning domains spanning across 14 schools. Complementing this academic breadth are JNU's modern facilities, including lecture theaters, tutorial rooms, and Smart classrooms, designed to facilitate a dynamic learning experience.

 The environment at JNU is carefully cultivated to support academic pursuits, with 210 lecture theaters and rooms meticulously crafted to adhere to sound acoustic principles, ensuring an inclusive learning environment where every student can actively engage in the educational process.

 Additionally, JNU provides 46 purposefully located rooms that offer students a secure and conducive space for collaborative discussions, debates, and innovative endeavors with faculty and peers. These interactions serve as catalysts for transforming ideas into tangible achievements, further solidifying JNU's standing as Rajasthan's premier institution for advanced studies across diverse disciplines.

 Furthermore, Smart classrooms, integrated into all departments and schools at JNU, augment traditional education with digital interfaces, allowing students to engage with course materials in versatile ways and deepen their understanding of concepts through interactive learning experiences.


At Jaipur National University's Main Library, there is a strong sense of pride in the extensive collection available. Currently, the library boasts 115,084 volumes, encompassing various materials such as textbooks, reference books, and rare editions. This collection is consistently growing, with an impressive 39,103 volumes added monthly.

In addition to the comprehensive print collection, the library provides access to 329 journals, both national and international, as well as magazines. Multimedia resources are also available, including 1,785 DVDs, offering valuable audiovisual resources to enhance the academic experience.

Furthermore, the library serves as a repository for scholarly research, housing 735 theses that contribute to academic discourse and research efforts. To cater to the digital needs of students and researchers, the library offers access to a diverse range of online databases, such as DelNet.nic.in, Manupatra for Online Legal Research, Banthem Pharmacy, Elsevier Science Direct, e-ShodhSindhu, Shodhaganga through Inflibnet, Knimbus for Remote Access Software, Ebsco E-books Collection, SCC Online for Legal Research, Koha for ILM Software, and NPTEL. These electronic resources ensure that patrons have access to a wealth of digital tools to support their academic endeavors.


The SIILAS Campus Auditorium offers a spacious venue with a seating capacity of 300, uniquely designed as an open-air theatre. Meanwhile, the JNU Main Campus Auditorium boasts a larger capacity of 500 seats, providing ample space for larger gatherings and events. Additionally, the Medical Campus Auditorium accommodates up to 270 attendees, offering a comfortable setting for medical-related functions and presentations.


JNU ensures comfortable living arrangements for its diverse student body with separate hostels catering to boys, girls, and international students. Renowned as one of Rajasthan's premier private universities, JNU offers a welcoming residential experience to over 2500 students. The accommodation provides a conducive environment for peaceful study sessions and opportunities for socialization among students from various backgrounds. With 2,250 rooms available in self-catering residences and an additional 600 rooms allocated for medical students, JNU aims to make the hostel experience memorable and enriching for all residents, fostering a sense of community and belonging within the campus.

Sports Complex and Gymnasium

Jaipur National University's esteemed sports hub – the Jaipur National University Sports Complex, where athleticism converges with well-being! This cutting-edge facility is expertly crafted to cater to the diverse needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Guests can enjoy a respite from the elements within the comfort of our state-of-the-art air conditioning system, ensuring a pleasant environment for both active participants and supportive spectators regardless of outdoor conditions.

Athletes can hone their skills and compete at their best on our top-of-the-line volleyball, badminton, and basketball courts, designed to meet the highest standards of performance.

Spectators can relax and take in the excitement from our expansive seating area, offering unobstructed views of the action unfolding on the courts. Every serve, spike, and slam dunk is brought to life in vivid detail.

The immersive experience continues with our large telecast screen, providing guests with front-row seats to live games and thrilling replays. At Jaipur National University Sports Complex, every moment is celebrated with passion and precision. 

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